Doug Jones AO

Doug Jones is a leading international commercial and investor-state arbitrator and an International Judge of the Singapore International Commercial Court.

Doug is widely endorsed for bringing "in-depth knowledge regarding construction-related issues." He is known as "an effective chair-arbitrator who is always in full command of the proceedings." WWL Thought Leaders Global Elite – Arbitration 2023

Janet Walker CM

Janet Walker is an independent arbitrator who, for more than twenty years, as has served as sole, presiding, and co-arbitrator in institutional and ad hoc arbitrations in over a dozen seats.

Janet is an outstanding academic and arbitrator. I highly recommend her in-depth commercial arbitration expertise.” WWL Thought Leaders – Arbitration 2022



(Canadian Arbitration Week)

16 18 October 2023

Professor Janet Walker CM, Co-Chair of CanArbWeek, hosts the fourth annual week of Canadian arbitration events in Toronto.

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CIArb Singapore

Thought Leadership Lecture

9 November 2023

Professor Doug Jones AO will present the annual CIArb Singapore Branch Thought Leadership Lecture on Flexibility in International Dispute Resolution.

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ILA Canada

30 November 2023

Professor Janet Walker CM will participate in a webinar sponsored by Toronto Arbitration Chambers on New Frontiers in International Commercial and Investor-State Arbitration.

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